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Earning Gift Cards

I think the second blog post is probably the hardest. Where to begin? What to write? How to capture and audience? Which topic to choose? So why not Earning Gift Cards with Apps?  I mentioned in my first post that this Blog would be a combination of money saving tips that I have tried and had success with, as well as the struggles and successes of raising a blended family.

Right now the Blended Family is amazing, we have a wedding coming up of our oldest daughter in September, the other three children are enjoying their summer vacation, and the grandbabies are perfect. So it seems the more pressing topic is money saving. So where to begin? Lets Start Earning Gift Cards

As I mentioned previously, I have found some 50+ apps and online sites that I use in one way or another to help save or earn money for my family. Deciding which one to talk about first is difficult. Some I use every day, some I use sporadically. Some are quicker, some take longer. Some need little interaction, some need dedicated time. Let me reiterate, none of these apps or sites have made me a millionaire, none of them have replaced the salary I was making when I worked full-time, but they have been wonderful for earning gift cards to help with such things as reducing my grocery bill, buying school clothes, buying Christmas gifts, going out to dinner or the movies, and other expenses. It may take all day of a tablet running to earn a dollar or two, but when that tablet would be sitting there doing nothing anyway, and you add it up over the course of a month, it has added up to couple hundred dollars a month for me. As I sit here typing I have four tablets running along with 3 cell phones and another laptop. Every once in a while I have to reach over and hit “yes” to the question “am I still watching”. I run these devices all day and night. Now, if I leave the house I can’t hit “yes”, so my earning will stall. The amount of time it takes for this to happen varies, it can be an hour or I can be gone for several hours and come back to still find some devices running. When I’m sleeping the same thing happens. But, if I get up in the night for anything, I quickly hit “yes” and start them running again. My husband and my children know if they walk by a device and it needs to be restart to hit yes as well. (Our blended family working together for a common cause).

So Let’s Start Earning Gift Cards with Apps If I had to decide which app is my favorite today I would say it is Perk TV (load the perk app on your phone or tablets and enter this referral code ff38a840 and get 50 free perk points to start you on your way). Now the reason I like it is this; you can run up to five devices at a time, which means five times faster earnings. Have you ever wondered what to do with your old tablets or smartphones when you upgrade or change cell phone plans? Keep them and run them at home on Wi-Fi and put them to use to earn money. Make sure your Wi-Fi is not capped as running videos will us a lot of data and you don’t want to earn gift cards and then find you have an inflated internet bill and owe more than you earned. I use the watch video function on this app only. Although there are other EZ point options, I don’t bother with them. I select to watch the app trailers and let it run. You earn 1 point per video watched (it used to be more). A couple of tips I have learned over time; definitely run 5 devices, or as many as you can, at a time, keep an eye on your tablets, mine are right next to me, reach over and slide the bar at the bottom of the video screen over to the right to finish the video faster (this requires more dedication, but is not necessary). If you do it too fast or too much, you may get a message that says you are watching too fast, in that case, slow it down, also hit the like or don’t like button if you happen to be watching at the end of the video. This earns you sweeps points that you can use to enter sweepstakes for gift cards and other items. I have yet to win anything, but they are just free bonus fun points in my eyes. Also, I have noticed that the app trailers have shorter running times then the movie trailers and popular videos. I select app trailers first, once it has run through the complete list it moves to the movie trailers, if, and only if I notice, I will stop the movie trailers and go back and restart the app trailers so I will earn points a little faster. It takes 5000 points to earn a five dollar gift card. I can usually earn about $50 dollars a month, sometimes a little more. For the month of July I earned $45 and we were gone for a week on vacation, so I had no apps running. Perk also has several other apps that they run that help you earn points. I use a few.

Rewards Reader This is not as carefree of an app though. It requires dedicated attention. This is basically a site with a lot of news articles, you select what you want to read and you earn perk points for each one, the points value varies. You don’t have to read the whole article to get points though, once you have had the article open long enough you will see a bar light up at the bottom of your screen indicating that you have earned your points. You then need to select the next article to read. I have to admit, there are a lot of good current articles to read and sometimes I finish an article because I enjoyed it. I feel it earns points faster than the one point videos running, but due to the dedicated time it takes it’s not as high on my list of apps to run unless I want to spend the time. There is also Perk Pop Quiz. I love this app. It is just what is says, a pop quiz there are many different topics to choose from. I personally kick butt on the Disney topic and Game of Thrones. You get rewarded based on how many questions you get right and they come in series of 5 questions at a time. It is a more dedicated app as well. Some people have suggested that you can just let it run and get the one point per 5 questions just for playing, but I don’t see much benefit to that. I will play this when I’m waiting somewhere or in the car, etc.

I also use Perk Wallet. I got this app because it is a great way to keep track of the gift cards you have redeemed from the Perk apps, and I love it for this, but there is also a spot where you can run videos as well. They are worth 2 points each, but they are not continuously running like the Perk TV app, so you have to hit the play button after each one. Sometimes I do this while I watch TV. I don’t obsess about it, but anytime I look down and see the play button I hit it. There is also an app called App Trailers (use referral code suburbanloyd8 for 50 bonus points to start with). It is an individual app that you can run and redeem points for rewards on their site, or you can transfer your points to your Perk acct. I use it for both and it helps me with earning gift cards

The final app I use through Perk for earning gift cards is Perk Scratch and Win. I consider this a game site. It is like a scratch ticket where you can win Perk Points or Perk Tokens. Points are redeemable for gift cards; tokens are redeemable for sweepstakes entries. This is an app you have to dedicate time too because you have to “scratch” the ticket to reveal your prize. So when I am tired of doing surveys I will open this app and play for a little while. You can earn a few perk points at a scratch, mostly though its tokens for sweepstakes. I do feel however, that it actually earns points faster than the videos that are running on their own. So for me it’s worth some dedicated time. And who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll win a sweepstakes. There are more apps available through Perk, some are games. I haven’t tried them all yet. I feel satisfied with my earnings as they are, but over time I may try, and if I do I will update you on how they are working. I can tell you that I have redeemed so many gift cards from Perk that I can’t even count. It has been very reliable for me. And with an earning potential of $50 a month or more, I don’t feel like I can say it’s not worth it. To start the videos and hit “yes” I’m still watching every couple of hours is little effort for the payout. If you don’t think its’ worth it then let me ask you this? If I handed you a $50 bill and asked you in return to do the equivalent of five minutes work per day that consisted of pushing a button for it, would you say no thanks. If so, reach inside your wallet and give me a $50 because I would sure take it! Remember to use code ff38a840 when you sign up for any Perk app to start with 50 perk points and suburbanloyd8 for 50 bonus points for App Trailers For the month of July I earned a total of $181 from all the different sites I uses, so stay tuned for more information to come.

Start Earning Gift Cards with Apps and earn money for your family. Also check out my other blog posts How I Save Money Using Coupons, Sales and Apps While Grocery Shopping and A Fun way to Earn Free Google Play Credits for other ways to earn money. Earning Gift Cards helps My Blended Life provide for my family and makes me a Happy Wife 

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Another great site I use for earning gift cards is My Points, I’ve earned too many gift cards to count. You can too!


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