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save money on groceries

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Save Money on groceries. Nothing thrills me more than when I can come home and tell my husband how much money I saved while grocery shopping. I usually get a “high 5 or a fist bump” and a “good job baby”. Of course, I’m just as proud of myself and consider it a challenge to save money each time. Because I am a stay-at-home Mom we have to take every opportunity to save money in our budget.

To save money on groceries is often a patience and waiting game. Everything goes on sale, in fact, if you pay attention the stores tend to cycle through sales, meaning if it is on sale today, it will most likely be on sale again in another 4 to 8 weeks. If you stock up now, you can wait to buy it again when it is on sale There is no excuse anymore to have to pay full price. I am also not very brand specific. I like most brands, including store brands.  I use coupons religiously. Some people will say couponing is a waste of time, or you buy too much “stuff” you didn’t need because you had a coupon. I disagree. What i do know is sometimes a coupon for a name brand item doesn’t make the item cheaper than the store brand. or an item that is on sale.  I don’t hesitate to put a coupon back in my pocket and not use it if it doesn’t make sense. I carefully check the prices and compare before i decide which item to put in my cart.

Right now I am in a “stock the cupboard” mission. I can save money by buying as much as i can afford and can store at the lowest price possible.  I am looking to find the things that we use regularly and while they’re on sale buy extras to have so we don’t have to buy them at full price. We are fortunate enough to have 2 refrigerators and a full size freezer, as well as, a pantry with lots of storage.
So recently, at Shaw’s (my local grocery store) , I took advantage of a sale on petite sirloin steaks and 80/20 ground beef. Following my knowledge of the store’s sale cycle I know that chicken will be on sale one week, beef another, pork another so I’ll take advantage of the other meat cuts next time.  I bought 5 packages of ground beef, totaling approximately 15 pounds. I bought 8 packages of the petite steaks. When I stock up i want to ensure that this food isn’t going to go to waste, then you don’t save any money at all.  Our best purchase ever was a Food Saver storage system. I divide the meat in to meal size portions and Food Save it so it will last in the freezer without freezer burn. There is nothing worse than planning a meal and finding you don’t have hamburger or finding what you do have cant be consumed because it wasn’t stored properly they you have to pay around $5.00 a pound because it isn’t on sale. This sale was 2.69 a pound, this makes me so much happier.  I bought enough to last me until the next sale, based on the average use of hamburger for my family.  Another item I took advantage of was a sale on Campbell’s Chunky soup which was on sale 5 for $5.00. I had 2 coupons to use which totaled $2.20 so I bought 5 cans for $2.80, that’s .56 a can when they retail for $2,99. There was a limit of 5 cans so I will have to go back again and get some more.  My total out of pocket after coupons, My-Mixx savings which are coupons loaded right onto your “store card” which is actually your phone number (an app from Shaw’s that can be found in the  Google play store) and sale prices was $142.06 and I had a savings of 131.14, that’s a 48% savings. The retail price of the 13 packages of meat I bought was 145.45, it’s like getting the other 46 items in my cart free. This is a huge way to save money.  I also use the site My Points to print coupons( for items that didnt have coupons on the My Mixx app)  You earn points for the coupons when they are redeemed. That along with doing surveys, watching videos and other tasks helps me to earn gift cards I can use for grocery shopping, gifts or everyday household needs so it is a win-win to use the coupons from this site. Join MyPoints and Earn Rewards The coupons on this site are they same coupons you find on other online sites so they are popular coupons, why not print them from here and earn a little something extra and save money on groceries at the same time.


These are some examples of how I save money. I love the line that says % saved

Save money on groceries   save money on groceries

When I get home I use shopping rebate apps likes Ibotta to (get the ibotta app in the Google play store or itunes and use referral code RMREKQF to get a $10 bonus when you redeem your first rebate, i have earned hundreds of dollars back on items i purchase everyday. You can shop today, submit your rebate tonight and get the $10 bonus right away)  it’s another way I save money on groceries on items I purchased. I got another $3.75 back.

Another app that works just like Ibotta is Checkout 51.  Check out the items that have available rebates before you shop so you don’t miss a chance to save money.  When you get home take a picture of your receipt and confirm the barcode on the item purchased, it’s that simple.

This weeks’ continued mission to stock the cupboards and freezer were a success. We now have pasta, cereal, soup, schools and other items, as well as, meat filled up so we won’t have to buy it again until it is on sale. Taking the time to scan the sale flyer, gather coupons and follow the sale trends saved me again! I was able to save money on groceries and earn points for gift cards. My Blended Life Using coupons and apps to save money on groceries makes me a Happy Wife!

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