Family Movie Time for Our Blended Family

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Movie Time

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Because we are a blended family, we try to incorporate as much family time as we can because we are not all together 24/7. One of our favorite ways to spend time together is family movie time.

What we Like

We all love Disney Movies who doesn’t for family movie time? Disney Movies are perfect because they are well suited for the full range of ages in our family. From my youngest granddaughter who is 2, right on up to our son-in-law who is 22.

We are fans of Star Wars, Marvel and DC Superhero movies, and Harry Potter, but some of these movies are not suitable for all of us as they can be rated PG-13.  We try to go by the guidelines on the ratings, but use our own judgement after watching the movie first ourselves.  Movies that are too violent have too much language or contain too much mature content we do not watch with our younger family members.  Although they get frustrated with that decision sometimes, we feel it is the right choice.

We all love other animated movies such as the Madagascar series, Ice Age series, Minion series, and How to Train Your Dragon movies. These are perfect for all of us.

If the movie has a sequel it is even better.  We can binge watch a series and get added family time.

My husband has introduced our children to Japanese Anime, the English versions of course. I have to say it has been a big hit which has led to them reading Japanese Manga books as well.

I thought it would be fun to poll each family member on what their favorite movie is and share this with you.

The Verdict

Our 2 year old granddaughter’s favorite for movie time is Disney’s Moana.  She saw it in the theaters and has been fixated with it since. My daughter plays music videos on her phone from the movie and don’t you dare interrupt her while she is watching.  She will tell you “Shhhh” and go back to singing along. It is being released to video this week and we will be having a family viewing as soon as possible.Movie Time

Our 6 year old granddaughter’s favorite movie is Disney’s Frozen.  She loves Elsa and Anna and of course Olaf, after all who doesn’t love Olaf? It has some of the catchiest songs, How to Build a Snowman and Let It go .She sings her heart out to the whole movie and has dressed up as Elsa for Halloween. It is an adorable movie of course, one that we all enjoy watching

Movie Time


Our 9 year old son’s favorite movies are the Lego Movies.  He loves them all, as do the rest of our children. Making movies about Lego characters was a brilliant move, what child doesn’t have a room full of them. We recently went to the theater to see the new Lego Batman movie. He came out of there saying it was the “best movie ever” and one that we will add to our collection once it is released on DVD.

Movie Time

Our 11 year old daughter’s favorite movie is Sailor Moon, a Japanese Anime that is a series as well as a movie. She has posters in her room and collects figurines of the characters. Recently there was a release of the Sailor Moon movie in limited theaters for one weekend only. It was the perfect Daddy-daughter date for her and her sister.  It is a series that we can all watch.

Movie Time

Our 15 year old daughter’s favorite movie is Disney’s Cars.  My little girl wasn’t into the princesses; no…she was into Cars. She would sing “Life is a Highway” every time it came on the radio. She collected every car from the series.  One of her best childhood friends was a little boy that lived down the road and he loved that he could come over and play Cars with her.   Now that she has a teenager, she has moved up to the Harry Potter series. She deems herself a Ravenclaw and has a wand from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter from Universal Studios; she dressed up for Halloween as Hermione and is building her stash of collectibles as well.

Movie TimeMovie Time


Our 21 year old daughter’s favorite movie is Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. She fell in love with it when she was young and the movie was first released and has been a fan ever since.  Yet again, I have a daughter who wasn’t into the princesses but a skeleton from a Halloween themed Christmas movie, go figure.  Because her daughters are still a little young they haven’t really gotten into this one yet, but I’m sure they will

Movie Time

Our 22 year old son-in-law’s favorites for movie time are action and superhero movies. Who can’t remember watching  Superman, Batman, or Spiderman on Saturday morning cartoons? Most of these movies are PG13 and are a little mature for our 9 year old.  But it does make for some good adult family movie time after younger children are in bed.  I give him credit though; he has sat through so many viewings of Frozen with the little ones, that when the time comes that the kids are old enough to watch the superhero movies we are going to have one heck of a marathon.

Movie Time

My husband’s favorite movies are the Rocky series.  We have just started introducing our 9 year old boy to them. He skipped the first one, it’s a little more adult content, but started him with the second.  He loved it. It will be a great Father-Son bonding time for them.  I remember when my husband and I were first dating he told me Rocky was a romantic movie.  Funny, right? But after watching the movies with him (I had seen them all before myself) and getting his take on the movies I can kind of see how he came to that conclusion.  Our daughters are mildly interested, but not quite enough yet.

Movie Time

My favorite movie is Gone With the Wind.  I’m not even sure how that happened, or when was the first time I watched it, but I do know the 50th anniversary was in 1989 and I requested a copy of it then and I was 19 at the time.  I love the Scarlet O’Hara’s feistiness and I love the time period. I would have loved to wear big dresses like that, though I would not have wanted to live during the civil war. This isn’t really a family movie yet as it is over the heads of the littler ones, but my oldest daughter has indulged me and watched the movie with me, as has my husband.  I would say my family choice would be the Star Wars Movies.  Believe it or not, not all of our children have seen these yet.  The 11 year old and 15 year old seem less than interested and the 9 year old has watched 3,4,5, and 1, but the movies get a little more intense from there and we want him to be just a little older before he watches them.  But I can see another big movie marathon when the time comes.

Movie Time           Movie Time

We all have different tastes, preferences and favorites, but when it comes down to it, it is about the family time

we enjoy when we sit down with popcorn and snacks all in one room together for some good quality family time. Maybe some of these are some of your favorites too. Family movie time with our Blended Life makes me a very Happy Wife

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  1. thanks for putting it out here.

  2. Robin says:

    These are SO GREAT! I cannot wait to show my littles Moana they LOVE music and it sounds so fun! 😀

    1. admin says:

      It is another Disney hit for sure. They will love it

  3. Maria says:

    I am literally watching Moana right now for the millionth time. It plays in my house at least 6x in one day. My two year old loves Moana! She’s not a fan of disney princess movies, other than the strong women lead ones like Brave, Mulan and of course Frozen! I cant believe she doesn’t care for Beauty & The Beast. My favourite Disney princess movie! I love your list! Its all part of our looped movies too! I love harry potter, and I grew up with Sailor Moon! My husband loves everything Japanese. So Anime is a hit in my home too! I can’t get into it as much. But love this! I have gone with the wind stored in my collection of ‘haven’t watched’ now if i can just find time. ?

    1. admin says:

      My husband and your husband would get along amazingly. I do love the strong Disney heroine, but I agree the princesses are awesome, I love Aurora. Gone with the Wind takes some definite time dedication, its an amazing classic, hope you enjoy it 🙂

  4. I JUST saw Moana and LOVED it although my son was a bit distracted. I’m a huge anime fan too and my son really like a couple of them. My Neighbor Totoro is family friendly and pretty much anything Studio Ghibli but Spirited Away can get a little spooky for younger ones! Family movie night sounds like it was a blast! <3

    1. admin says:

      We really enjoy it. Thank you for your kind comment. My children are getting more into the Anime every day 🙂

  5. Katrina says:

    We enjoy movies in our family, too. One of our very favorites is We Bought a Zoo. We have all ages and stages in our home, yet this movie appeals to them all. Such a great movie. My kids have all seen the Harry Potter movies, but I refuse to watch them until I read all the books. So, who knows when that will be. It’s on my list of things to do!

    1. admin says:

      We Bought a Zoo is a great movie. I am impressed that you have been able to hold off on the Harry Potter’s until you read the books. I don’t think I could have waited. But the books are so amazing I think you made a good choice

  6. Norine says:

    What fun! We love to sit with our kids when they’re altogether to watch movies. We usually pick a few and then get a consensus. Always good memories and something I hope they will continue with their families when they have kids.

    1. admin says:

      Absolutely, the time spent together as a family is the best. Sometimes we watch more than one movie because they are so comfy snuggled in on couches with their pillows and blankets that they don’t want to get up

  7. Melody says:

    I can’t wait for my son to be old enough to do family movie nights! (He’s only 5 months now so I have a little while LOL). I’m also a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I’m a ravenclaw as well! And Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite childhood movie also! I always watch it for both Halloween and Christmas every year. It sounds like you and your family have such a good time with your movie night! =)

    1. admin says:

      We absolutely love it. My daughter will be excited to read this, she is a Ravenclaw too. I wont be long before your little one is into movies 🙂

  8. These are great suggestions. We’ve been working our way through the Harry Potters, and my daughter is loving them! My teenager will even sit and hang out with us for those 🙂 Nightmare Before Christmas is another of our favorites too!

    1. admin says:

      My younger too have not seen the last few Harry Potters, my 15 year old has the last 2 to go and my 21 year old watches them over and over. It is definitely a huge favorite. My 15 year old got the book set for Christmas too. We have the best time just sitting down together.

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