All For Mamas Link Party Week 10 #allformamas

Link Party Week 10

The All For Mamas Link Party #allformamas is back.  After a two month absence due to illness and surgery I am back and ready to get awesome Mamas together to promote and share each other’s incredible work. 

I am so thrilled at the participation in each week’s link parties. It has been a pleasure getting to know so many wonderful Mamas and reading all your posts.  It is hard to pick a featured post this week because you are all writing such intereting pieces about so many different Mom topics. When I first started the Link Party I was hopeful that my dream of creating a fun place for Mamas to get together and share their work would be well received, the new and returning Mamas means something is going right. I hope you will continue to help me spread the word and get more Mamas to join us in the link party and at the Facebook Group Page #All For Mamas Link Party for Mama Bloggers.  There is such an amazing group of Mamas participating on the group page; their support for each other is outstanding. I use this group to share information about the Link Party, share posts that were Linked, announce the featured post and also to include social media share threads where you can post your work to be shared by other bloggers with you sharing their work as well.

For the All For Mamas Link Party Week 10 #allfomamas I wanted to do something different.  Instead of you adding a post to be linked this week, I have grouped all the posts from the past 9 weeks of the All For Mamas Link Party together.  This week the Link Party is set up for VOTES only, there will be no new posts added. New posts will start in the All for Mamas Link Party Week 11 #allformamas.  Tell your friends, families and followers to jump on over to the Link Party and vote for your work.  The top vote getter will be the featured post in the next week of the All For Mamas Link Party #allformamas as well as, the second and third place vote getters getting honorable mentions.  The top vote getter will be promoted through social media with mentions for second and third.     Each post has a number on it, tell everyone which numbers are yours so they can find you and click on you to cast their. Each person gets 10 votes per IP address and yes, you can vote for yourself.  That also means you and your followers  can vote from home, from work, or when you are out attached to a wireless connection, each is a different IP address and each will allow you 10 votes.   I will take the tally of all of your posts to come up with a winner so it doesn’t matter if your supporters put all of their votes on one of your posts or spread them across multiple posts, they will all count in your favor.

The All For Mamas Link Party #allformamas featured post for week 10 is…

Kid + Kin for their post Kind Kids Klub: Kindness Jar  I just love the motivational and supportive ideas that Kid and Kin writes about. We all want our children to be kind to others but honestly, sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Anything that motivates children to be better people for not only others, but for themselves is a huge plus in my mind.


I have cast my 10 votes for the Mamas who had the featured post from weeks 1 through 9.

                All For Mamas Week 1                 Family Birdsong              

                All For Mamas Week 2                DosMommas

                All for Mamas Week 3                 Step Mother Doom

                All For Mamas Week 4                 The Green Catholic Burrow

                All For Mamas Week 5                 Mum From The Heart

                All For Mamas Week 6                 Raising Independence

                All For Mamas Week 7                 Discovering Whimsy

                All For Mamas Week 8                 Mommy: Home Manager

                All For Mamas Week 9                 Kid + Kin

  And a special vote to my original partner and right hand in the All for Mamas Facebook Group Page

                                The Mama Playbook


The All for Mamas Link Party Week 10 #allformamas will open for voting on Monday, July 10 and will run for 10 days, closing on Wednesday July 19th at Midnight.  The winner and honorable mentions will be posted in the next All For Mamas Link Party  on Monday, July 24t which will be the next link party where you can link in your Mom related blog posts.  I look forward to seeing all the great new work that you will link in.

Before you cast your votes I would ask that you take a moment to check out my current blog post Co-Parenting – Moms and Dads Sharing Their Struggles Part 3 and comment on my post. Sharing the love is what the All For Mamas Link Party #allformamas is all about. 

To start voting click on the Blue button below.  You can go right to the post you want to vote on and cast your votes by clicking on the heart on the top right of the post picture.  Blogging Mamas each person that clicks on your post image not only casts a vote for you but also gets you a view on your Blog which is always a plus.


Use this link on your social media sites to get your followers to the All for Mamas Link Party Week 10 #allformamas so they can vote for you


Thank you again for your participation in the first nine weeks of the All For Mamas Link Party. I hope you will continiue to join me and link you Mom related topics in and don't forget to join me on the Facebook group page and my social media sites. My Blended Life Makes Me a Very Happy Wife.









  1. Lexie says:

    What a fun idea! I am so excited to check out the posts that I have missed in this big round up. Glad you're recovering, lady. <3 

    1. admin says:

      I wanted to try something a little different for this week. I hope people will find it fun to see all these amazing posts together I one place and encourage their friends, families and followers to do the same ?

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