All For Mamas Link Party Week 11 #allformamas

All for Mamas Link Party Week 11

I hope you enjoyed the All For Mama Link Party Week 10 #allformamas which changed things up a little.  I wanted week 10 to be a showcase of all the wonderful posts that were submitted in weeks 1 through 9.

It was fun to have votes to pick a featured blogger. There was no way I could have chosen myself from all the amazing, talented, creative and inspiring Mama bloggers that take the time to link in their incredible work. After collecting all the votes I can announce the featured blogger as chosen by the fans is The Mama Playbook. I love this blog, it is one of the sweetest but yet blatently honest blogs I’ve ever read.  I enjoy the stories about her beautiful twins, I laugh regularly at her vlogs no muss, no fuss delivery, and I anxiously wait until the next Monday when a new vlog is released. Check out The Mama Playbook and see for yourself.

Honorable mention goes to Mommy: Home Manager for the second highest vote count and Discovering Whimsy for the third highest vote count.

I will be sharing links to these three blogs with the primary focus being on The Mama Playbook.

I would like to thank you again for your participation in the first 10 weeks of the All for Mamas Link Party #allformamas and look for more exciting weeks to come.

With that being said, The All For Mamas Link Party Week 11 #allformamas is now open for your Mom related blog posts. 

There are a few changes in how the link party will run going forward. My family has had a change with the custody of my bonus children (which is a huge win for us) but this means I am a busier Mom then I was so I am going to extend the time the link party runs to 10 days instead of 5 and change the frequency of when the link party starts which will be every other Monday versus weekly. My hope is this will give more time for Mamas to find the link party and link in and also allow more time for me to share your work through social media.

Thank you for joining me in the All for Mamas Link Party Week 11 #allformamas – a place for all things Mama including: Parenting Tips, Family Life, Children’s Activities and Crafts, Family Recipes, Family Travel, Mom Life, Pregnancy, Post-Partum, books for families and children, basically anything to do with being a Mom, Stepmom, Bonus Mom or Adoptive Mom.


1.      Like the Facebook Group Page #All For Mamas Link Party For Mama Bloggers.  I will be sharing Link party posts there, as well as having share threads and information; it’s a great place to get to know the Mamas of the link party better.

2.      Link 1 or 2 of your Mom related post(s) by clicking on the Blue button in this post. Your posts can be old or new as long as they are Mom related.  I often suggest to bloggers, link one new post and link one older post to give the older post new visibity.

3.       Read other bloggers posts , at least 1 for each post you link  (more is you are so inclined) and leave a genuine comment using the       #allformamas tag in your comment. This helps me see that Mamas are sharing the love.  The more posts each Mama visits and comments on  the more visits and page views you gets which helps with analytics and getting blogs found/seen . The most important part of this Link Party  is to help Mamas get visibility

4.       Copy the All For Mamas Badge (above) into the sidebar of your blog or on the blog post you are linking so you can be recognized as a member of the #allformamas link party. This also helps spread the word so we can get more Mamas to join us.  If they see they badge on your post hopefully they will visit the link party.  (if you have any questions on the process of installing the badge please reach out to me and I will help you )

5.   Comment on my Blog post I’m Not Trying to Replace Your Mom– I can use some love too.  I put in a lot of love and share your linked posts across social media and comment on your post, this is your thank you to me

 **You MUST complete all of the steps above to have your post shared to social media and to be considered for the featured post in next week’s link party.  I will be holding firm to this. I have to hold each Mama to the same standards.  I cannot reward you featured blogger status if you did not complete the steps for the Link Party when another Mama has followed through with them all.  The purpose of this link party is not to drop a link and run, it is to support other Mamas and the hostess’ efforts in return.**

Click this blue button to add you blog post 

To view the blogs in the All for Mama Link Party Week 11 click on the Blue button above.  You do not have to enter a link to be able to view the posts that are linked in the current link party.

I would appreciate help in getting the word out about the All For Mamas Link Party #allformamas.  Share posts on Facebook, Instagram and twitter mentioning the link party, tag me and I will be sure to repost and comment on them.

You can also follow me on social media, links can be found in the sidebar of my blog.  I love growing my Mama circle and will follow you back.

It is my belief that paying it forward gives you great joy. There is nothing I love more than supporting other Mamas. Thank you for being a part of the #AllforMamas Link Party

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**As hostess of this link party I reserve the right to remove any posts that do not meet the criteria list above, any post that contains information that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive, or posts from people who have not completed the steps in the Rules above on more than one occasion**Vote For Me @ The Top Mommy Blogs Directory

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