All For Mamas Link Party Week 12 #allformamas

All For Mamas Link Party Week 12

Welcome to the All For Mamas Link Party Week 12 # allformamas. It was nice to see so many returning Mamas in the All For Mama Link Party Week 11 #allformamas as well as, welcome some new Mamas to the Link Party and the Facebook Group Page #All For Mamas Link Party. The quality and variety of the blog posts linked was, as always, top notch.

The word is slowly getting out about the All For Mamas Link Party and I appreciate the efforts of everyone who helps promote the Link Party and the Facebook Group Page. Remember if you post about the link party and tag me in it I will share, retweet, repost etc.
Will all the amazing posts entered, it was again difficult to pick only one as a featured post. However, I did chose one,

this week’s featured post is My Pixel Addiction Take The Mom Selfie by Our Everyday Chaos

This post really made me take a minute to stop and think.  I have very few pictures of myself that I can say I like, and because of that I have very few pictures of me.  I tend to be the one behind the camera taking the picture.  Remembering that our children will be looking at these pictures as they grow and after we are gone, and will want to see us in their memories was just the push I need to make sure going forward I am in pictures.  During family events, with my children, posed or silly, whatever they are, they will be the memories my children and grandchildren will always have. It doesn’t matter how I look, it matters that they can see me. Thank you so much Our Everyday Chaos for sharing this wonderful post.

The All For Mamas Link Party Week 12 #allformamas is now open for your Mom related blog posts and will remain open until Midnight on Wednesday, August 16.

Thank you for joining me in the All for Mamas Link Party Week 12 #allformamas – a place for all things Mama including: Parenting Tips, Family Life, Children’s Activities and Crafts, Family Recipes, Family Travel, Mom Life, Pregnancy, Post-Partum, books for families and children, basically anything to do with being a Mom, Stepmom, Bonus Mom or Adoptive Mom.

1. Like the Facebook Group Page #All For Mamas Link Party For Mama Bloggers. I will be sharing Link party posts there, as well as having share threads and information; it’s a great place to get to know the Mamas of the link party better and expand your Mama circle.
2. Link 1 or 2 of your Mom related post(s) by clicking on the Blue button a little further down in this post. Your posts can be old or new as long as they are Mom related.
3. Copy the All For Mamas Badge (you will find it in the sidebar of my blog, copy and paste the text into your blog/blog post) into the sidebar of your blog or on the blog post you are linking so you can be recognized as a member of the #allformamas link party. This also helps spread the word so we can get more Mamas to join us. If they see they badge on your post hopefully they will visit the link party. (if you have any questions on the process of installing the badge please reach out to me and I will help you )
4. Comment on my Blog postRemember, When Life Hands You Lemons… Tuck’em Inside Your Bra, Couldn’t Hurt, Might Help– I can use some love too. I put in a lot of love and share your linked posts across social media and comment on your post, this is your thank you to me

Read this part carefully ****
**You MUST complete all of the steps above to have your post shared to social media and to be considered for the featured post in next week’s link party. I will be holding firm to this. I have to hold each Mama to the same standards. I cannot reward you featured blogger status if you did not complete the steps for the Link Party when another Mama has followed through with them all. The purpose of this link party is not to drop a link and run, it is to support other Mamas and the hostess’ efforts in return.
*** I will not be chasing you to finish the steps. PLEASE HAVE TIME AVAILABLE TO COMPLETE THE STEPS AT THE TIME YOU ADD YOUR LINK. The link party is open for 10 days so if you can’t complete the steps now, wait and add your link later when you can. If I go in to share your post and the steps were not completed I will not be coming back to check again later. I’m sorry; I just don’t have enough time to keep checking back.
***If you have a problem completing any of the steps on the link party please reach out to me through the Facebook Group Page #All For Mamas Link Party. Last week I did not know some people had problems posting a comment on my blog post until I reached out stating that they hadn’t completed the step. If I know you are having a problem I can work to get it fixed before the link party closes so you can finish the steps. If you haven’t reached out to me there will be no choice but to expect that the steps weren’t complete. I have no way of knowing if someone doesn’t tell me. I don’t anticipate any problems going forward, but I am human and sometimes make an error.

Use this blue button to add you Mom related blog post to this week’s link party

To view the blogs in the All for Mama Link Party Week 12 click on the Blue button above. You do not have to enter a link to be able to view the posts that are linked in the current link party.

You can follow me on social media, links can be found in the top left corner of my blog. I love growing my Mama circle and will follow you back.

It is my belief that paying it forward gives you great joy. There is nothing I love more than supporting other Mamas. Please take a moment to check out some of the other blog posts linked in this week’s link party. Commenting on each other’s post is a great way to be supportive and help your our circle of Mamas grow and get more exposure.

Thank you for being a part of the #AllforMamas Link Party

**As hostess of this link party I reserve the right to remove any posts that do not meet the criteria list above, any post that contains information that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive, or posts from people who have not completed the steps in the Rules above on more than one occasion**

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All For Mamas Link Party Week 12


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