The Indecisive Mom – I Wish I Wasn’t so Wishy Washy

indecisive mom

I am the most indecisive Mom you will ever meet.  I can talk myself in and out of situations over and over.  Going out to dinner is the one thing I think my husband would say stresses him out about me the most.  I have no idea what I want to eat, let alone where I want to go.

I may seem like I’ve got it all together, but it is an illusion.  This indecisive mom changes her mind faster than people change their underwear. I will say when I do make up my mind about something I do it.  We have some very organized routines in our home, for bed and getting up for school, how we handle homework and chores, but getting to those routines was very time consuming and a lot of back and forth.

When I first started my blog I wanted to write about my blended family and how I use online sites and apps to earn money each month to help supplement our family budget. My family and friends told me I should be teaching a class and helping other people do the same.  My first few posts started talking about money earning, but then I thought I wanted to share more about my blended family. I then expanded and added the All For Mamas Link Party #allformamas, hoping that would expand my Mama circle and see if I could build a place for Mamas to share their work. The link party also included a Facebook Group Page. I realized I was missing working on my craft projects and I wanted to work on incorporating some quick and easy craft projects for busy moms .  Through all of this I lost site of my money earning tasks I had been doing which were earning me several hundred dollars a month. This indecisive Mom, who can’t put her finger on one project at a time and do it well, was missing out on money that my family could really use and my blog is not a money-making blog so it’s not like it was a financial trade-off. This indecisive Mom who can’t decide what she wants to do typically ends up with too many irons in the fire.  This indecisive Mom then feels like she’s letting people down if she changes her mind. My husband is always supportive. He tries to help me talk through what my concerns are and always promises to be right there by my side, he hasn’t let me down yet.

indecisive mom

Being and indecisive Mom comes from being indecisive all my life.   For some reason I never feel completely confident in my decisions.  I’m always afraid I’m not doing something “good enough”, second guessing and rethinking everything I do. I’ve tried the pros and cons list and sometimes that helps, but at this point in my life the things that are making me feel like an indecisive Mom have a pretty equal pros and cons list, nothing is really jumping out at me either way. I become afraid that if I make one decision I will regret it, but if I go the other way I’ll regret that decision…arrrrr!

So I’ve decided that I have to do what I think is going to make me the happiest.  I know that the money I make with online sites and apps helps my family and it does take some “paying attention to” during the day. I’ve been spending so much time on social media for the blog (I am literally on my computer all day) that I don’t have time to take surveys, etc. I know that I want to write post and maybe even do some video lessons on exactly what I do to supplement my family’s income. I know I want to do this at my own pace with no deadlines or restrictions to what and when it’s going to happen.  This indecisive Mom wants to become more decisive, make a decision and stick too it, feeling good about that decision. Taking almost 2 months off while being sick set everything to do with my blog back.  I lost followers and momentum that was really growing.  I have yet to recover from that set back because I am just to wrapped up in everything else. With all this being said I have decided that as much as I love building my Mama circle with a link party and Facebook group, it is to time consuming for me to really focus on the things I need to do for me.  The link party has had dwindling participation.  This week 9 different Mamas entered a total of 10 posts, of those 9 Mamas, 4 did not complete the steps of the link party.  Honestly, the re checking, follow-up and reminders for not completing the link party is very discouraging.  The participation in the Facebook group has been the same. It is rare that more than 1 or 2 people will post on a share thread and I feel bad that they are putting their work out there on the thread with no one to share it.  We had some group conversation about what would help with participation, etc, but nothing seems to help, it is a small group but the usual response to posts and links is well under 10%.  I had a couple of Admins jump on with the group to help me,, but it is even hard to keep in contact with other admins to coordinate what is being done and even extended the length of the Link party to allow more time for me to get done what I needed to. This indecisive Mom has gone back and forth about these changes.  I have changed my mind no less than 100 times in the last 2 weeks.  Keep it open, close it, close the link party keep the group open, close it, keep it open, close it, keep it open?

indecisive mom

The final decision from this indecisive Mom and the one I need to stick to is; it is time for me to stop doing what doesn’t get me to my end goal and focus on what does.  So that being said.  I will no longer be hosting the link party and after the share threads close today at 7pm I will close (archive) the group page.  I will however for the next week, promote the featured blog post and finish my commitment

The featured post for the All For Mamas Link Party Week 12 #allformamas is 7 Ways to Master Self Care with Kids by Vigor It Out 

Thank you for sharing such an important reminder that we need to take care of our selves too.  We get so caught up in caring for our families that we forget about us.  I’m fortunate that my children are older, but the tips to help for Moms with small children will help more Moms to make sure they are getting self care

The timing of her post was ironic and even though I was thinking more about the self-care of my indecisive mom ways, the reminder to take a minute for me and relax, breath and refocus was important.  I was so busy worry about what everyone else would think, I wasn’t worrying about me.  So I took time to breathe, I stepped away from the computer, didn’t worry about what was waiting to be done, just enjoyed the sites, sounds and smells all around me that I am missing by being consumed by too much.  The kicker is I do it to myself, so now I need to learn how to say no to myself.  Breathe and clear my mind before making decisions so I can stand behind them confidently.

indecisive mom

It has been a joy to expand my Mama Circle, I have so many internet friends that bless me in different ways.  The majority of you I see on social media daily in groups and I follow your own social media sites, so this is not goodbye, it’s see you over there.

I will be spending the time I need to dedicate to making my blog what I started out for it to be a stay-at-home Mom raising a blended family and how I earn money to help my family’s budget as well as talking about the adventures with my children and grandchildren.  Also, stay tuned, my 2 older daughters and I are working on a potential product we want to sell.  The great thing about this is it working together as a family and with 3 of us, my time commitment will be minor.  My oldest daughter is a stay-at-home Mom too so she is looking for a way to provide income for her family too.  She currently has a vlog on youtube for makeup, I wish she had an opportunity to go to school to be a makeup artist because she does beautiful work. Check her out and help a Mama on her way and stay tuned, if we launch a product I will let you know.

Thank you for supporting me and being so understanding and caring when I have needed it.  This indecisive Mom is on a mission to become more confident in my own skin. This indecisive Mom is going to live her Blended life being confident in her choices and a Happy Wife



  1. Shannon M says:

    I’m sad to see the party dissolved despite my rare participation. That said, good for you for being true to yourself! Keep at it.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you Shannon. I love paying it forward and helping other Moms, but somewhere in there I lost track of me. You’ll find me following your work still ?

      1. Allie says:

        I’m so sorry to hear the link party and group will be ending. But it sounds like your making the right decision for you. All us who participate will be fine and have plenty of other ways to promote and got to make some great social media connections with each other through your help! Thanks for having it running for us. Plus I’m super psyched I won the featured post! Thank you, that’s awesome. And I’m equally happy to learn something I wrote was able to help you in a time of need, to help you remember to relax breath and focus. Thanks for hosting this for us, it’s been fun.

        1. admin says:

          Thank you for you understanding. I love your post and I will be sharing it more this week . Check out the group page for new details about that staying open so we can still all support each othet

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