5 Tough Movie Moms

movie moms

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5 Tough Movie Moms

As many mothers can attest to, being a mother is like being a real-life superhero without a cape. Juggling family life, a career, and a personal life, it takes multi-tasking to a completely different level.

While Hollywood does not usually put the difficult side of motherhood under the spotlight (such as the perils of changing diapers or dealing with a squalling infant and a toddler throwing a tantrum all in one go), it has captured the toughness of moms on the silver screen. With all of that in mind, this article takes a look at 5 real life lionesses.

Sarah Connor

movie moms

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Sarah Connor tops the list of the toughest moms in film, and this list on Movies Talk goes someway to back up this claim. She transitioned from being a relatively frail woman in the first Terminator movie to a freedom fighter, taking inspiration from the fact she had to protect her son, John.

Linda Hamilton’s portrayal of Sarah Connor is one of the reasons why Terminator 2 is considered the best film in the franchise. This can be further backed up by the variety of games and memorabilia that have appeared online that focus on the second installment of the famous action flick including the Terminator 2 slot game showcased on Slingo. There are also plenty of other games released off the back of the success of the second film including Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Terminator 2: The Arcade. While they don’t necessarily focus entirely on Connor, she certainly made her mark on the franchise in more ways that one.

Leia Organa

movie moms

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Princess Leia, portrayed by Carrie Fisher in the Star Wars film series, forever changed the concept that princesses are nothing more than damsels in distress. As royalty, she was an active leader in the resistance. In the recent films, she transformed into a general, despite the fact her son turned to the Dark Side. It remains to be seen whether she will be reunited with her son, but one thing’s for sure: she will continue fighting for what she believes in, according to an article by ScreenRant.

Molly Weasley

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At the start of the Harry Potter series, Molly Weasley’s role was far from that of a fighter. She is sweet and plays a typical loving mother, although she was relatively tough in the way she disciplined her children. While she joined the revived Order of the Phoenix, she was not portrayed as an active combatant. The death of Fred, as well as the threat to Ginny, changed all of this, leading Molly to killing Bellatrix Lestrange, the toughest of Voldemort’s supporters. Talk about a lioness protecting her cubs.

Ellen Ripley

movie moms

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Ellen Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, may not be the birth mother of Newt, but the threat to the little girl’s life caused her maternal instincts to kick in, leading to her confronting – and defeating – the Queen Alien. It’s one of the most iconic female roles in film, and has a cult following. This is in no part down to Weaver’s stellar performance.

The Bride/Black Mamba

movie moms

Uma Thurman was cast as The Bride/Black Mamba by Quentin Tarrantino in the two Kill Bill movies, and she certainly took motherhood seriously. Having been left for dead and presuming that her former comrades killed her child, she went on a killing spree in seek of vengeance. Thurman played a tough assassin, but behind her tough façade is a grieving mother, so much so that Chinomatography included her in their ‘Top 10 Badass Movie Moms’ article.

Some of the tough Movie Moms made it into my post Family Movie Time in Our Blended Family, they are iconic Movie moms and movies that stand the test of time.  How many times has your family sat down to watch a Star Wars or Harry Potter movie or have you watched an action movie with your spouse like Terminator, Alien or Kill Bill and thought, man she is one tough mom. Can you relate to the strength and courage of these Movie Moms? Did your favorite tough Movie Mom make the list? If not, tell her about me in the comments below.  I may not be a Movie Mom, but my Blended Tough Mom Life makes me a very Happy Wife.


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