Riley Can Be Anything – A Book Review

Be Anything

I was given the amazing opportunity by Author Davina Hamilton to review her children’s book Riley Can Be Anything . I was given a copy direct for the author and received no other compensation to write this review.  The thoughts listed are mine own.

My children are above the age level of this book, but it is perfect for my granddaughters ages 2 and 6. I read through Riley Can Be Anything myself first to get my own feeling about the book. Right away, I loved the art work. It is vibrant and energetic, yet simplistic enough to hold the attention of a young reader. I looks like something a child could draw too if they were telling the story. I loved the story. We are always encouraging our children that they can be anything they want to be and this book empasises that there are no limits. Riley’s cousin Joe gives him suggestions based on the people Riley knows, his family. Striving to be like a family member is always amazing, “ I want to be just like you “ can be some of the most powerful words an adult can hear. Riley certainly has many great people to follow. What I loved most about this book was, when in class, Riley’s teacher asked him what he wanted to be after all the other children had given very specific answers, Riley said he could be anything, he is not limiting his dreams or his choices, the future is wide open.

When I sat down with my granddaughters I let Olivia who is 6, and entering the first grade, read Riley Can Be Anything to me. She did a very good job, needing minimal help. The girls loved the pictures and talked about everything that was happening in each image. Kinsley who is 2 sat attentively listening and pointing out items in the images. When we finished reading the book I asked the girls what they wanted to be when they grow up. Kinsley had no idea, but she’s 2, she’s got a long way to go. Olivia really couldn’t decide. A princess, teacher, and a vet were tossed out as potential careers. So I asked the both, do you think you could be anything? They both cheered “YES” and both girls loved the book. We read it 3 more times.

This book is definitely a hit for young children. It is easily readable for beginner readers, has beautiful artwork and a story that is easy to follow. We truly enjoyed Riley Can Be Anything. Be sure to check out the website for Davina Hamilton at and sign up to receive updates on her work. We will be anxiously awaiting the release of her next book “Riley Knows He Can”. You can purchase a kindle or paperback version  of Riley Can Be Anything on Amazon.

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