I am a Featured Post on the Stay Classy Mama Link Party

I’m so excited I just want to shout it from the roof tops! I have a featured post on the Stay Classy Mama #stayclassymama link party.
This is the first link party I have participated in. I am very unsure of myself when trying new activities in the blogging world. Still having a fairly new blog I’m afraid of rejection or being let down. I really didn’t expect anything Continue reading “I am a Featured Post on the Stay Classy Mama Link Party”

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Parenting A Child Who is a Parent

Parenting a Child Who is a parent

My oldest daughter is my mini me, so like me in all ways except in one, she became a mother at 15 years old. I had her at age 25 and even then I felt unsure of myself and very nervous thinking about taking care of someone else. At 15 years old I was no way able to take on what she did. And not only was she taking on a big change in her life, so was I. I was going to be Parenting A Child Who Is A Parent.  Continue reading “Parenting A Child Who is a Parent”

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Am I Cheating as a Stay at Home Mom?

Am I Cheating as a Stay at Home Mom

Sometimes I wonder , Am I Cheating as a Stay at Home Mom? I am truly blessed to not have to leave my home every day to go to work. 2 ½ years ago my husband and I decided that after 15 years in the medical field I was burned out and needed a change. I would come home so mentally exhausted from multi-tasking all day that I would fall asleep on the couch. Continue reading “Am I Cheating as a Stay at Home Mom?”

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Step Parenting – Is There a Right or Wrong Way?

Step Parenting Is There a Right or Wrong Way

My husband and I recently attended a Step parenting class through our local Kids First Program.  Which leads me to the question, Step Parenting is There a Right or Wrong Way? The class description “The Kids First Program for Step parents is designed to help people in step-families understand the normal difficulties experienced by each person in the new family, including those of their children. Participants will learn ways to ease the process so that each person will get their needs met while growing to feel comfortable in their new roles and relationships” My husband and I want to make sure we are doing everything we can to provide a comfortable environment for our children.  Continue reading “Step Parenting – Is There a Right or Wrong Way?”

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How I’m Rocking Motherhood In My Blended Family

How Im Rocking Motherhood in My Blended Family

How I’m Rocking Motherhood in my Blended Family, How it Started

As a little girl, I always knew I wanted to be a Mother and I knew I wanted two children, two years apart. So the time comes you fall in love, you get married, you have a baby. Following my childhood created plan, as my daughter turned one, I realized that if I wanted two babies, two years apart, I was going to have to be pregnant soon. Oh, my word. There was no way I was ready for that. So, a year passed then two and three. I was entering my 30’s and didn’t want to be an “old” mother, so I broached the subject to my husband. And wouldn’t you know it, he had changed his mind, he didn’t want another. Our daughter was 5 and in school, she could get dressed, go to the bathroom, feed herself, and she slept well. He didn’t want to go back to night time wake-ups, diaper changing or daycare expenses. I fought hard that neither of us were “only children” and that our siblings meant the world to us and how could we not give our daughter that same opportunity.  I won and we had our second daughter.   Continue reading “How I’m Rocking Motherhood In My Blended Family”

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